Bill Higgins

Bill Higgins began his web career in 2000 in NYC, serving as development lead on sites such as simplyorangejuice.com, minutemaid.com, and fujifilm.com.

Bringing that experience to Asheville, NC in 2005, he helped integritive grow from 2 to 20 full time employees, managing a team of six developers and developing technical and web standards of production, technology, and craftsmanship. He fostered relationships with strategic partners, managed staff and projects, and expanded the company’s and it’s strategic partners’ products and services.

In April of 2013, Bill started Conscio, LLC, specializing in eCommerce, SEO and web development. Bill’s goals are to provide sound, thoughtful, forward-thinking technical expertise to companies and agencies, to partner with experts in related fields, and to complete projects with a high level of craftsmanship and scaleability.